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Ordinary dry cleaners clean your clothes using Perchloroethylene, a powerful chemical (with a powerful smell) that can be harmful to you and the environment (It’s not great for dry cleaners either). At Daisy we have a more enlightened way of dry cleaning your clothes. Instead of using standard chemicals, we use an advanced wet-cleaning process that won’t harm your clothes or our environment. This process is just part of our cleaner, greener method.

Daisy is also proud to be the world’s first and only carbon neutral dry cleaner. We invest in carbon credits to ensure our dry cleaning is enviro-clean. This means that when you come to us for your dry cleaning you are also helping to reduce your own carbon footprint on the planet.

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isn't it time you switched from harmful dry cleaning methods to a fresher, cleaner way? Commercial Laundry Melbourne
Australia’s first retail chain of environmentally friendly garment cleaning outlets, with plans to open many more of our unique H2O cleaning retail outlets over the coming years. Daisy is committed to:

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• Creating no “downstream” environmental impact, as all detergents are fully biodegradable and harmful toxic chemicals like Perchloroethylene are not used in the cleaning process.
• Providing an extremely safe workplace for its employees without toxic chemicals or odours impacting on their health.
• Providing customers with odour free, immaculately cleaned garments that will have no impact on their health, particularly sufferers from asthma or allergies.
World's greenest dry cleaner : awarded 5 leaves from the green cleaners of america carbon neutral, chemical-free dry cleaner, franchise